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Customer Service

2016-02-19 19:28

Customer Service Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Sat: 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM

We will close on Sunday & public holidays, we are sorry for inconvenience.

Customer Service Number

+256 (0)706717000

+256 (0)778118668

Customer Service Email


Payment for your orders

Airtel Money: 

Pay it like pay bills.

Step1. Copy the payment code : XXXXXXXX(Different Order has different code, it is generated by the system)


Pay to KILIMALL Uganda like payment for bills
a).Dial *185#
b).Press Option 4 [ Pay Bill ]
c).Press Option 9 [ Others ]
d).Enter Business Numbers [ 550201 ]
e).Enter Amount UGX 97,999 (Your Order Total Amount) 
f).Paste the XXXXXXXX at Enter Reference
g).Confirm with PIN.

MTN Mobile Money: 

Pay it like pay bills

Step 1. Copy the payment code : XXXXXXXX(Different Order has different code, it is generated by the system)

Step 2. Send money to Mobile Money account KILIMALL

            1) Dial *165#, and press OK

            2) Choose "Payments", and press OK

            3) Choose "00 Next", and then choose "Goods and Services (Others)"

            4) At "Enter Merchant Code", please enter "KILIMALL"

            5) At "Please Enter your payment Reference", please enter or paste your payment Code XXXXXXXX.

Step 3. Enter Amount:97,999 (Your Order Total Amount) 

Step 4. Enter you PIN and press OK

Kilimall Return Policy


Kilimall Shipping Policy


Frequent Asked Questions


How to Place an Order


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